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Anonymous Ensemble creates new work that bridges the divide between stage and screen, and engenders a new form of audience experience that is profoundly interactive. AnEn embraces the pervasive power of the screen in our current times but demands that the screen be transfigured by the unpredictable, the human, the never-to-be-repeated possibilities of live performance. We ask how the live audience can be co-creators of each performance event, giving voice and agency to our audiences in our explorations of the human condition, our collective stories, and the possibilities of limitless imagination.

"Astonishingly, every single audience member is beguiled into the game.”
– Circus Sideshow Magazine
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“AnEn is so far ahead of the curve it has to watch out not to bite its own tail.” 
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Anonymous Ensemble Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization.
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