Opt See

“Opt See” is a live performance and video event in which the audience chooses its collective way through a narrative using hands-on, interactive technology. The piece questions the influence of technology on real life choices, and how it affects the development of human relationships. The constellation of narrative events surround a Russian woman and a man who lives in Brooklyn who meet online. She is an internet performer and he is a failed entrepreneur/artist. The story unfolds in Anonymous Ensemble’s signature “live film” style but with a set beginning and singular conclusion. In between, is a complex, variable structure that explodes the current conventions of how a story is told. AnEn is currently developing the texts, aesthetics, and technologies required to create the performance. Workshop showings will begin in the late spring of 2015 with a goal of premiering the piece in early 2016.

“AnEn is so far ahead of the curve it has to watch out not to bite its own tail.” 
Current Shows