“Llontop” is a luminous multimedia narrative that takes place in Peru and the United States; it will be performed in English, Spanish, and Quechua. The piece explores differences and similarities in cultural perceptions of Latinx, white, and indiginous identities in North and South America. Using light as it’s primary medium, “Llontop” is a live visualization of multiple podcasts, weaving together reality and fiction with Anonymous Ensemble’s signature mastery of cutting edge media technologies.

Stay tuned for developments.


Ever been on a scavenger hunt across continents? Flight is a narrative multimedia performance that focuses on human migration and connection across distances. This live film will be edited in real time with guest performers in distant countries who will video stream into a venue in New York City in real time. All the streams will then be combined in into a video environment encompassing live performers on stage in a search for what can bring us together..

Coming soon…

The Future

The Future is a live immersive theater event in which an ensemble of curious beings encounter an audience of humans in real space and time. With the audience in headsets and microphones, every performance unfolds as a multimedia, music-filled, interactive event that is unique to each audience member. The Future invites the audience to share and explore their own beliefs about self, society, the environment, and the future of humankind.